Congressman Adrian Smith Urges EPA to Follow RFS Law

Congressman Adrian Smith

WASHINGTON D.C. – Congressman Adrian Smith says that the Environmental Protection Agency needs to follow the law in regards to the Renewable Fuel Standard.

On October 4th, President Trump announced an agreement to reallocate small refinery exemptions for large or unqualified refiners under the renewable fuel standard, which was praised by many ethanol groups.

Smith Said the EPA’s proposed rule has substantial loopholes.

Which would actually allow it to avoid fulfilling the obligation of the law. The EPA’s RFS policy has been wildly inconsistent. And this policy is the latest example of how the EPA is failing, I think, to effectively implement the promises the President has made to farmers, refiners, as well as consumers.

He called on Administrator Andrew Wheeler to follow the law and he wants the RFS to have integrity behind it.

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