36th Annual Tree of Love Gets Underway Friday

HASTINGS – The 36th Annual Tree of Love gets underway on Friday with the Good Samaritan Society, Hastings Village and Senior Action INC. The Tree of Love is a campaign to help Village residents receive gifts that they might not otherwise receive due to not having anyone to celebrate the holidays with.

The kickoff event will be at Five Points Bank on Osborne Drive in Hastings on Friday, December 7th at 10:30am. There will be ornaments on the tree that will have a recommended present attached to it. Once the present is bought, it must then be brought back to the bank and it will be delivered to the resident of the Good Samaritan Society a few days before Christmas.

Susan Spady, the Volunteer Coordinator at the Good Samaritan Society, says these little gestures of kindness go a long way.

We’ve added some laundry soap and we’ve added some new toiletries. And some things that, to you and I, are just a given. But for them it adds income in their pocket and items they wouldn’t have to buy and it’s such a blessing. And when there’s a tear that comes down and you were able to help them with necessities.

The Tree of Love will have around 140 names on it this year. The presents need to be returned to Five Points Bank on Osborne Drive by Friday, December 14th.

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