6th Annual Junk Street on Saturday in Downtown Hastings

HASTINGS – The 6th Annual Junk Street will be happening on Saturday in Downtown Hastings from 9am to 4pm. Admission is free and vendors will be lined up on the streets of downtown to sell vintage, repurposed and recycled goods.

There will also be a few new vendors coming through this year as well. Tammy Orthmann, the director of the Downtown Center Association, says that it being outside makes it easier to abide by the current guidelines. 

People are tired of not having anything to do. But this is something that is outside and you can come whenever you like so you don’t have to be forced to come at a time where there might be a lot of people or something. So come at your own speed. And we will have hand washing stations and masks and other precautions and information for you to help you make sure that you’re feeling safe being there with us. That’s our main goal. Is for people to enjoy things downtown but to feel safe while they’re doing it too. 

Businesses in downtown will also be having special “Junk Deals” going on as well and Orthmann is encouraging people to check those out while they are enjoying Junk Street.

She reiterated that it’s still imperative to support local businesses as everyone moves through the pandemic and the potential economic impacts it has had.

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