Start Over Rover Reminds Everyone That Summer Heat Can Be Tough On Pets

HASTINGS – With Summertime here and the temperatures rising, Start Over Rover wants to remind people of the dangers of heat to their pets. During the summertime, pets can easily overheat which can lead to death.

The most important thing to remember is that you should not leave pets in a car. If you do have to bring them with you in the car, make sure to leave the air conditioner running even if you leave the car. Cars can warm up quick and run out of air which will lead to a heat stroke for the pet. They say if it is over 75 degrees, make sure the air conditioner is running.

Anne Halbert of Start Over Rover also wants to remind people that even leaving them outside can be dangerous. 

Halbert also says that it’s best to play with your pets outside in the early morning or evening hours as it is a lot cooler at those times.

Walking in the grass is recommended as well because they can burn their paws, especially on asphalt and cement, and they are still in danger of having a heat stroke.

She reminds people that they don’t know when to stop, they’ll keep playing even if they’re over heating.

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