Dennis DeYoung recording Beatles tribute tune for upcoming solo album

Ex-Styx singer/keyboardist Dennis DeYoung has shared some details about a new tune that he’s working on for his forthcoming solo album — and it sounds pretty fab.

In a recent post on his official Facebook page, DeYoung reports that the song, which is among the last tracks he’s recording for the project, has a title “taken directly from a classic Beatles tune, and for good reason.”

He goes on to explain, “It tells the story of that momentous night in February 1964 when my world and, dare I say, the whole world seemed to change. The Ed Sullivan [Show] stage became the launching pad for a million dreams.”

Dennis also reveals that he “decided to incorporate as many song titles of the Beatles catalog in the lyrics to illustrate the immediate as well as long lasting effect they had on culture.”

In addition, DeYoung says he’s hoping to “paraphrase as many Beatles [musical] tricks and styles into the song to make it sound ‘fake’ authentic.”

He adds that he’s “having a blast” putting the song together, then quips, “[I] will wear my Hard Day’s Night suit during recording only speaking in a Liverpudlian accent. Call me Sir Scouse.”

As previously reported, DeYoung recently released a collaborative single with Ides of March/ex-Survivor member Jim Peterik called “Proof of Heaven.”  The song will appear on both Dennis’ upcoming solo album and the new record from Peterik’s World Stage side project, Winds of Change, the latter of which is due out April 26.

No word yet on the title or release date of DeYoung’s album.

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