Go-Go’s bassist Kathy Valentine says her new memoir, ‘All I Ever Wanted,’ is “a coming-of-age story”

Go-Go’s bassist Kathy Valentine‘s new autobiography, All I Ever Wanted: A Rock ‘n’ Roll Memoir, gets its release today.

The book charts Valentine’s journey from her wild-child early years in Austin, Texas, and her development as a rock ‘n’ roll-loving teenage musician to her relocation to Los Angeles, where she joined what became the most successful all-female rock band in history, and beyond.

“It is really a coming-of-age story,” Valentine tells ABC Audio. “It’s about music being with me every step of the way, even before I’m a musician…And I really wanted it to be about music and about being a human.”

Of course, at the center of the story are Kathy’s adventures with The Go-Go’s, both highs and lows.

Valentine says among the important things she tried to convey in the memoir was the elation she felt playing live with The Go-Go’s during their heyday. As she explains, “what it felt like to go on stage surrounded by people that felt like my family, [and] to have a sold-out crowd that knew your songs, loved the band [and] was just…so in the moment, and you’re in the moment.”

As previously reported, Valentine recorded an All I Ever Wanted soundtrack album featuring new songs inspired by some of the book’s chapters. It’s available now digitally, and also will be part the audio version of the book that’s due out April 7.

“[I]t was really creative, it was really fun, really innovative and just felt exciting to do something musically that I had never done,” she says of making the album.

Valentine will celebrate her book’s arrival tonight at 8 p.m. ET with a live release-party event on her Instagram page featuring “music, talk and special guests.”

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