Go-Go’s bassist Kathy Valentine says she’s proud of memoir and companion album she recorded for it

The audiobook version of Go-Go’s bassist Kathy Valentine‘s new autobiography, All I Ever Wanted: A Rock ‘n’ Roll Memoir, hits stores today. As previously reported, the release includes a companion soundtrack album featuring new songs inspired by some of the book’s chapters.

“It was an enormous achievement and I’m really proud of how well I did it,” Valentine tells ABC Audio of the book and album.

Valentine says the album, which was mostly recorded after the book was written, was a great creative outlet for her during the lengthy process of doing revisions and edits on the memoir.

Kathy says writing songs about certain eventful incidents allowed her by relive them “in a whole different way” than by writing about them.

“Doing it in a song format, it kind of went deeper for me,” she explains. “So, it was therapeutic and a process and emotional and really, really fun to make this record.”

Valentine says ideas for some of the songs sprung from the phrases she used as chapter titles, which, she admits, initially weren’t meant to be final names of the chapters.

“I would write a scene, or seven or eight pages, and I would just glance through it and just pick a phrase or a word that stuck out, so I would remember what I’d written about,” she explains. “But after a couple of years of seeing them…I just started getting used to those titles. And some of them seemed like songs to me.”

Among the chapters for which she wrote companion songs are “Little Scissor” and “Camouflage,” which focus, respectively, on an abortion she had during a break in an early Go-Go’s’ tour and a frightening home invasion and robbery she went through along with her musician friends Carlene Carter and Charlie Sexton.

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