Jackson Browne releases new song, “A Little Too Soon to Say”; says he’s “OK” after contracting COVID-19

Jackson Brownehas released a brand-new song called “A Little Too Soon to Say.”

The tune, which will also appear on Browne’s next studio album, due out in October, arrived just a few days after he revealed he’d been diagnosed with the COVID-19 virus.

In a recent Rolling Stone interview, Jackson noted that even though he wrote the song before the start of the coronavirus crisis, he feels it’s timely because it’s about the uncertainty of mankind’s future in this volatile era.

“A Little Too Soon to Say” was inspired by how many younger people are actively expressing their concern for such issues as the environment and gun control.

“[I was] thinking about the generation — the Parkland students, and Greta Thunberg — and the young people who have been very vocal, saying, ‘You’re not making any real attempt to change things in a way for us to have the planet you had,'” he noted. “How do you pass this mess on to the next generation, the future generations?”

“A Little Too Soon to Say” also will be the B-side of a new Browne single, “Downhill from Everywhere,” that will be released May 29 on CD and vinyl.

In an interview last Wednesday with the Los Angeles Times, Browne reported that he believes he’s among the lucky majority who’ll recover from the coronavirus without serious health consequences.

“I’m O.K. — I’m not bad at all,” he said. “My physical symptoms have mostly abated. In fact, there’s very little of it left.”

Jackson also noted that he didn’t need to go to the hospital for treatment, although he admits that he did pass the virus on to his son Ethan, whom he said experienced “somewhat mild” symptoms.

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