Jackson Browne releases new song, “Downhill from Everywhere,” in celebration of Earth Day

Today is Earth Day, and in celebration of the environmental-themed holiday, Jackson Browne has released a new song titled “Downhill from Everywhere” as a digital single and via streaming services.

The track follows on the heels of another new Browne song, “A Little Soon to Say,” which was released in March. Both tunes will be issued together as a CD and vinyl single on May 29, and also will be featured on Jackson’s forthcoming studio album, which is due out October 9.

Browne started work on “Downhill from Everywhere” almost 10 years ago. The soulful, mid-tempo rock tune also can be heard in the trailer for a new documentary called The Story of Plastic that premieres today at 2 P.M. et on the Discovery Channel. The film focuses on the effects plastic pollution has on the planet and humanity.

“Plastic is a great and really useful thing, for medical uses for instance. But it’s just absurd that we use it to deliver things like water,” Browne tells Rolling Stone. “That bottle will be around for hundreds of years and does not biodegrade. This movement has got a lot of attention and a lot of support, because it’s so visible now. It’s no longer something that can be sort of swept under the rug.”

Jackson says his personal efforts to reduce the amount of plastic he uses include keeping two Brita filters in his kitchen, using a steel water bottle and eliminating plastic altogether from his tours.

Meanwhile, Browne also tells Rolling Stone that one positive aspect of the COVID-19 lockdown is that the amount of pollution has been reduced.

“People have gotten a glimpse of what it’s like to have no smog,” he maintains. “Nature has gotten a break, and it’s visible; you can see it.”

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