Katy Perry releases “Daisies,” a stunning battle cry about self-love and confidence

Katy Perry unleashed the first taste of her fifth studio album with “Daisies,” the first single off her upcoming record.  Not only did she release a brand new song at the stroke of midnight on Friday, she also dropped a surprise music video that proudly displays her growing baby bump.

Donned in a breezy white dress and lace robe, Katy stands in a bucolic field of yellow daisies as she celebrates her unwavering self-confidence. 

“Told them your dreams and they all started laughing/ I guess you’re out of your mind till it actually happens,” she muses in the opening lyrics as a brilliant smile breaks across her face as she calls herself “one in seven billion.”

Her song quickly evolves into a stunning battlecry against those who would sabotage her as she declares she will walk her own path under her own terms until the day she dies.

“They told me I was out there,?tried?to?knock me down/ Took?those sticks and?stones, showed ’em I could build a house/ They tell me that I’m crazy, but I’ll never let ’em change me/ ‘Til they cover me in daisies, daisies, daisies,” she bellows, once again showing off those powerhouse vocals she unleashed in her prior single “Never Worn White.”

The symbolism-heavy video also depicts Katy dipping her feet into a running stream and, at one point, removing her clothes as she walks into a small pond.  She then cradles her baby bump and stares at a waterfall — symbolizing she has washed herself clean of self doubt.

The music video ends with the 35-year-old standing defiantly atop a cliff and facing the sunset with the wind billowing past her.

Perry’s upcoming fifth studio album arrives August 14.  As for her baby girl, no word yet!

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