Pink admits she slashed Carey Hart’s tires on Thanksgiving once: "The holidays are stressful"

Most people probably know this by now, but don’t mess with Pink.

In a game of “Burning Questions” on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the singer told a story of how she slashed her husband Carey Hart‘s tires one Thanksgiving.

The admission was prompted by the question, “What’s the dumbest way you’ve hurt yourself?” To which she replied, “Slashing tires.”

Ellen asked her how old she was and she admitted it actually happened not that long ago.

“It was Thanksgiving. The holidays are stressful,” she said.

Pink revealed she only managed to slice through one of Carey’s tires before accidentally gashing her hand. She needed 13 stitches, but she said she didn’t need anesthesia — presumably because of all the adrenaline.

The singer later clarified on Twitter that the incident actually happened in 2003.

“The story going around about my slashing tires is from 2003. I have not harmed a car in 15 years. #reformed #twenties #passion #tires,” she wrote.

Pink and Carey have been married for 13 years and posted a sweet photo of them on Instagram Thursday in honor of Valentine’s Day.

“Happy f****** Valentine’s Day,” she wrote. “And also, if there isn’t some stubborn person in your life making you want to rip your hair out ON the daily THATS OK TAKE YOUR OWN DAMN SELF OUT and buy your own damn chocolates and not the gross kind.”

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