Adams Central Looks To Improve Communications

HASTINGS – The Adams Central Public School Board approved an agenda item to develop a comprehensive communications plan with IdeaBank Marketing at their board meeting on Monday. The first part of the plan is that they will send out surveys to parents of students in the school district.

Tim O’Dey, the Secretary for the Adams Central Public School Board, says that the questions will be about the best way for them to receive communications from the school. 

We would appreciate as much feedback as we can get off of that. Because this plan is going to be tailored around the wants and desires of the patrons of our district. There is so much communication that happens between the school and our parents. What we are really trying to do with the comprehensive plan is to streamline that so that it comes in a format that doesn’t become a nuisance. So instead of getting five text messages about a particular event, you will get one text message, one email that fills you in on the particulars of that event. 

The surveys will be sent out later on this month and they plan on sending out a couple more afterwards as well. The board also approved a contract with the Nebraska Safety Center to provide summer driver education classes.

They are no longer offering drivers ed as a course. Those classes are available to all resident students of the Adams Central school district. Once a student passes the class, Adams Central will refund 100 dollars back to the family of that student.

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