Adams Central Public Schools Loosens Mask Requirements Rules

HASTINGS – Adams Central Public Schools has changed their mask requirements. Masks are still required but they have an opportunity for parents to sign their children out of the requirement. Superintendent Shawn Scott says that this is a positive move for them. 

Our numbers for our school district have been extremely low. Have been for several months, and we’ve been monitoring that. And to somewhat prove that we can do this going into the summer. And not knowing what we’re going to have to do next school year. And it has been received very well by parents and kids. Great to see the smiles in the hallway. And right now we have about 80 to 85 percent of our students that have opted out of it. Been very positive for us going into the last few days of school here. 

Scott also said that the fact more staff and students are getting vaccinated which also helps with keeping spread low. He says they will keep this rule through the school year and they will reevaluate things over the summer as they head into the fall semester.

He was very thankful for the school year going so smoothly thanks to the rules and parents, students, and staff complying with the guidelines they set out at the start of the school year. Also, at the most recent board meeting, the Adams Central Public School Board approved lunch prices for next year and they kept them the same as last year.

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