Adams Central Public Schools Superintendent Shawn Scott Says Masks Will Be Vital to Stay Open

HASTINGS – On Monday, the Adams Central Public School Board approved plans for the upcoming Fall semester. These plans include mask requirements for all students and staff, cleaning and disinfecting, and social distancing. Superintendent Shawn Scottt says that masks will be vital to keep schools open.

Part of the reason we required it. We are giving every student and staff member five face masks on the first day of school. People can bring their own face coverings too, as long as they qualify. Everybody is worried about kids wearing a mask and one thing we talked about is that we got to get used to these. Whether it’s staff or students. We have masks breaks worked into the day. Part of that is, let’s say the third grade for example, that there’s going to be certain times during the day where the teacher’s going to take those kids outside, social distance, and say hey take off your mask. Ok let’s talk, let’s do a little bit, ok put masks back on, let’s go back into school. 

Scott said that the cooperation between the other local school districts and the South Heartland District Health Department have been vital to making these plans. They’ve also received useful information from the NSAA, the Nebraska Council of School Administrators, the Rural Community Schools Association, and the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

They do have plans for remote learning if the pandemic worsens. Although, right now they are not offering e-learning or remote learning unless a student cannot be at school.

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