Adams Central School Board Increase Levy Slightly

HASTINGS – The Adams Central Public School Board approved their budget and they will be increasing the tax levy by about a half a cent putting it at 79.2 cents. Superintendent Shawn Scott said that since they get very little state aid, most of their funding comes from property taxes. He says they are always trying to find a balance there. 

We’re always trying to find a balance between what’s fair and good for taxpayers and everything else. But also providing a high quality education and what people expect out of Adams Central. Overall, we are asking for almost 14 million dollars. So most people are surprised at the amount of money that’s generated just from local property taxes. And that’s a huge amount. That’s why we try to focus so much, this time of the year, on the budget, getting it right and making sure that what we collect, there’s good value behind that kind of money. 

The board held a public hearing to discuss, consider, and receive input on the proposed tax request. The Tax Request Resolution was read and then approved unanimously by the board. 

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