Adams Central School Board Loosens Mask Policy

HASTINGS – At Monday’s board meeting, the Adams Central Public School Board loosened their mask policy as vaccinations continue to rise and cases continue to go down. Masks will be optional both before and after school and during passing periods and transitional times for students. Students will still need to be masked during large gatherings or meetings when social distancing isn’t possible. Masks are still being encouraged and recommended at all times.

They’re planning to transition away from face coverings in preparation for next year. Dave Johnson, the President of the Adams Central Public School Board, says that their numbers have been down in the second semester. 

We do think that the protocols that we have had in place helped us to attain that. But then when you add in that we’ve got an increase in terms of the number of vaccines being administered, including with our own staff. We’re even getting to a point where I think we’re going to be close to being able to offer it to the older kids. There are older kids who are starting to have access to it. 

They are still making sure they can keep kids in school and do it safely but they do feel comfortable to begin to loosen the mask policy. They are also planning on having an in person graduation. As of right now, they do plan on having the graduation without having restrictions on who can attend.

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