Adams County 4H Will Still Have Some Events Going On This Summer

HASTINGS – Although the Adams County Fair has been cancelled this year, the 4Hers will still be participating in some events this month. Starting on July 13th, and continuing until July 17th, they will be doing private shows for the livestock animals.

All of the events will be closed to the public. They will have different animals everyday, starting with sheep and goats, then the beef show, then rabbit day, poultry day, and pig day. Beth Janning, a 4H Youth Development Educator, says that they will have the families in one at a time to do the judging.

We will have a scheduled time for that family to come and they will be able get their animal off of the trailer and walk around the arena in front of a live judge. But being able to possibly have a little more conversation with the youth about what’s good about their animal and have those important learning pieces like that. That animal is still being evaluated on its characteristics and so we will still be giving out those purple, blue, and red ribbons. 

There will also be some virtual events on zoom with the 4Hers, like their ice cream in a bag and ice cream in a roll competitions. Currently, there has been no decision made on the 4H auction, but they do anticipate they will have it at some point. Static exhibits will be judged privately and there has also been no decision made on the companion shows.

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