Adams County Emergency Management Asking Citizens to Sew Masks

HASTINGS – The Adams County Emergency Management put out a call for citizens, who are able, to sew masks for community responders, health care providers, and law enforcement. They are asking people to follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recommended pattern, which can be found at

Ron Pughes, the Adams County Emergency Management Director, said that these masks are vitally important for those on the frontline against the pandemic. 

I put the call out because I think we are in a critical need. I requested them about a month before they were necessarily recommended. The masks are in low supply. And if we run out of critical PPE, or personal protective equipment for our healthcare providers, we’re in a world of hurt. Because we’re putting them at risk and their families at risk. So these masks will help protect them and they’re the ones who protect us. So we need to make sure they’re healthy, and viable, and ready to do their jobs.

The completed masks can be dropped off at the Hastings Public Library. It can be put into the return book drop off, which is located on the south side of the library at 314 North Denver Avenue.

They are also asking that people drop off letters of support for those people on the frontline. All of the masks will stay in Adams County and will be given to nursing homes, law enforcement, long-term care facilities, fire departments, clinics, and hospitals.

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