Adams County Emergency Management Joins IPAWS

HASTINGS – After two years of the Adams County Emergency Management fulfilling the state and federal requirements to participate in the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System, they are now able to participate in the alert and warning system.

This is an information-sharing process for the residents and visitors within Adams County to be informed and instructed to current events that may be an imminent life threat to them or their families. While there are many tools available for residents to obtain critical information, there may be residents that are not able to receive a warning through one platform or another. Within minutes, Adams County Emergency Management can relay a message to every cell phone, TV, media, landline telephone, radio, and the NOAA weather alert.  These messages would come across every phone within a designated Geo-Fenced area or the entire county, based on the event and the critical message. 

Cell Phone users do have to ensure that their phones are able to receive emergency alerts by accessing the tab within their settings menu.  The owner of the phone will only receive the message if their phone is within the targeted message area, they will not receive the message if their phone is located outside of the area or turned off. Some instances that Adams County Emergency Management will use this service would be during a severe event that will require evacuations, shelter-in-place or dangerous civil situations. 

A message will inform citizens to stay inside, lock their doors, be on the lookout for, evacuate immediately, or a message informing of a hazard that may affect their health or well-being.

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