Adams County Fairfest Underway on Wednesday; 4H Events Already Underway

HASTINGS – After only doing 4H events last year the Adams County Fairfest will be returning this year starting on Wednesday but the kids in 4H are already getting busy at the fairgrounds. They started yesterday with bringing in their exhibits and more are being brought in today. Judging is already underway as well.

Tuesday is when they start checking in the animals. Wednesday, the first actual day of the fair, is when they will start to have livestock shows, with pigs and rabbits in the morning. In the afternoon they will have their open ceremonies at 5:30 and the recognition parade will happen as well.

On Thursday, they will have the sheep show in the morning and the cat and small animals show in the afternoon. Then the Clover Kids Livestock Show will wrap up Thursday. Friday kicks off the weekend with the poultry show and showmanship in the morning and the beef show as well. The ice cream in a can and ice cream in a bag contests will take place in the afternoon. Then the Clover Kids Ranch Rodeo in the afternoon as well.

Saturday will have the horse shows, goat shows, and the dog show. Sunday there will be the round robin livestock showmanship and livestocks judging contests. Then the Annual 4H Auction will be on Monday. Beth Janning, an extension educator with 4H, says that it’s great to have a more normal fair this year. 

We are super happy to be able to see kids and be able to get to really know them again. The beauty of being there for a week is having those relationships build, being able to see the excitement in the kids. And just all of that. And even on the static side. 

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