Adams County School Board Approves Budget and Levy

HASTINGS – At Monday’s Adams Central Public School Board meeting they approved the budget and the levy for this fiscal year.

The overall tax request for this year was reduced by a little more than one percent compared to last year.

Shawn Scott, the Superintendent of Adams Central Public Schools, says that a very large part of their operating budget comes from property taxes and they are one of the largest school districts in the state to rely on property taxes.

Property taxes for us, and not only the people that pay them but for us too, is very important. We try to keep that as low as possible. But the total levy this year, set by our school board, was right at 77 cents. And it’s been at 77 or 76 cents for the last three years actually. So it’s been pretty stable.

The budget for this school year is at just over $26.4 million, which is an increase of about 7.7 million from what the school district spent last fiscal year.

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