American Red Cross Seeking Blood Donations and Plasma Donations From Recovered COVID-19 Patients

NEBRASKA – The American Red Cross is seeking blood donations and plasma donations from recovered coronavirus patients. As summer nears, the Red Cross is concerned about its blood supply. With schools out during the summer and schools being closed in general, they are missing out on a huge portion of donated blood that comes from those drives. So they are asking people to donate now so they can keep up on the demand for blood.

Josh Murray, the Regional Communications Director for the Red Cross in Nebraska and Iowa, says they are also looking for fully recovered coronavirus patients to donate plasma. 

Many of them have these antibodies, within them, in their plasma, that can help treat other patients who are currently afflicted with COVID-19. So we are collecting the plasma and then we are helping distribute it to hospitals where patients are in need. It’s not necessarily a treatment or a cure. Its been shown that it might weaken some of the symptoms and help people recover. So we’re proud to be part of that. This is another way for us to help and for the people who have had to go through it, unfortunately. Now they are on the backside of it, now they can help other people who are in a similar situation.

They are also taking many precautions at their blood drives. They are requiring masks to be worn by donors and staff. They are also socially distancing the beds and temperatures are being taken as well. If you are not feeling well, they ask that you donate at a different time.

You can find a blood drive near you by going to, calling 1-800-RED-CROSS, or by downloading the free Red Cross Blood Donor App. 

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