As Directed Health Measures Expire; Restrictions Will Loosen According to Governor Ricketts

Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts

LINCOLN – As some of the first Directed Health Measures will expire in about a week, Governor Pete Ricketts says that they will assess the situation on a county by county basis and restrictions will be loosened if it is deemed safe to do so. Governor Ricketts did say that places like Grand Island, that are hot spots, may not be able to loosen restrictions right away.

Even though the initial DHMs will expire we will continue to have restrictions going forward into May, they will just be less restrictive. And, just like we rolled out the DHMs on a geography basis based on how the virus was spreading. Based upon different parts of the state, we’ll be able to relax those restrictions at different rates as well. For example, what may be appropriate for Omaha may not be appropriate for Falls City, or Scottsbluff, or McCook, or someplace like that. Places that have been less impacted by the virus.

Many experts say we might see a second wave of the coronavirus in the fall and winter and the Governor says that the Test Nebraska Program will be imperative to battling the spread. For more information about the program and to take the quick assessment, which the Governor is encouraging every Nebraskan to do, you can check out

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