Bogeys, Bunkers, and Barbecue Fundraiser on Saturday

HASTINGS – Mary Lanning Healthcare is teaming up with the Elks Golf Course’s Tee’d Off at Cancer Annual golf tournament fundraiser to host another fundraiser called Bogeys, Bunkers, and Barbecue. The golf tournament will get under way at 9am and you can register for that at

The barbecue will get underway at 3pm but the people cooking the barbecue will meet at 9am on Saturday. Heide DeGodt, a social worker for Mary Lanning’s Morrison Cancer Center, says the money raised from both events will go to the From the Heart Fund which helps cancer patients.

It’s everyday we have a patient who is utilizing funds from that, like I said for all different reasons. We’ve had a patient who we have helped pay for their cobra insurance, so that they could continue to afford coming to treatment, we pay for transportation costs, lodging, groceries, just all these things patients need because they either aren’t working or it’s just another cost that they can’t afford.

They are still in need of people to cook barbecue and you can register to cook for the barbecue by calling 402-460-5899. They supply the meat and you bring the utensils and the grill.

They’ll also have baked beans, chips, cookies, and water. If you want to just stop by and eat the barbecue, children 5 and under get in for free and it’s ten dollars per ticket for everyone else.

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