Boxcar Youth Theatre Presents Pride and Prejudice

HASTINGS – The Boxcar Youth Theatre is doing the play, Pride and Prejudice, this weekend. They had their first show yesterday and will have a showtime for everyday this weekend, including today.

Pride and Prejudice is considered a romantic comedy but will cover a wide range of themes. The play is based in 19th century England.

Deidre Freitas, the director of the play, says that this play teaches a lesson that everyone can relate to. 

I think the overall theme of this is more be who you are. Like your authentic self and good things will come to you. Because, in the least spoilery way I can say this, when people are their authentic selves in the play, good things happen to them. 

You can get tickets at the door or get them at their website, Tickets are nine dollars for adults and seven dollars for students.

The showtimes will be 7pm tonight and tomorrow and on Sunday it will be at 2:30.

The play will be held at the Hastings High School Auditorium.

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