Bruce Furniture Presents Large Donation to Salvation Army

HASTINGS – Doug Bruce, owner of Bruce Furniture, presented Major Dale Branderburg of the Salvation Army with a check worth $26,143.60 to help with their flood relief efforts in Nebraska.

Bruce says his staff and the community did a great job raising this money.

From April 15th to April 30th we had sale prices at all five of our locations. Customers were told that ten percent of sales during that time period would be donated, through the Salvation Army, direct to the Nebraskans Helping Nebraskans fund, that we created.

He says he did not expect to get that much from this fundraiser, but was very pleased with the result.

Major Dale Brandenburg of the Salvation Army says that 100 percent of this money will be going towards flood relief in Nebraska.

There will be no administrative fees taken out of it or anything. 100 percent of the 26 thousand dollars will go right out in to the clients. Right now we’re helping the clients in the long term recovery. They’re doing things like helping people pay deposits on their new house. We’re giving gift cards so they can go to WalMart or different stores and buy stuff that was destroyed in the flood. We’re giving gas cards so that they can get back and forth to work. Whatever we need to do and this money will go strictly to that program.

Major Brandenburg said that he will deliver the check directly to the Salvation Army Headquarters in Omaha.

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