CASA Of South Central Nebraska Says to Be Extra Vigilant for Child Abuse and Neglect

HASTINGS – With anxieties surrounding the coronavirus and the potential economic impact of the pandemic, CASA of South Central Nebraska says everyone should be on the lookout for child abuse and neglect during this trying time.

They say there is a higher risk that this may happen during this time. RuAnn Root, the Executive Director of CASA of South Central Nebraska, everyone needs to be vigilant.

Making sure that their needs are being met. And they’re not being abused or neglected. Each one of us are mandatory reporters and it’s our responsibility that if we see something, we need to say something. And call the child abuse hotline if you do and let the local experts go in and find out if there really is something that needs to be addressed within the family. 

The number to call is 1-800-652-1999. Root also said that kids being out of school means that they have less people watching out for them and that makes it extra important to remain vigilant.

CASA is also in need of volunteers. Courts and cases are still happening despite the pandemic. They are doing training via Zoom meetings in order to adhere to CDC guidelines. If you want to volunteer you can call CASA at 402-463-1030 or you can check out

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