CCC’s Return to School Sees Students Complying With Rules and Regulations

HASTINGS – Central Community College, Hastings, returned to school last week and campus President Dr. Jerry Wallace says that students have been following the rules and regulations they set out for the return to in person teaching. Students also seem to be excited to be back to normal.

They did increase their availability of online classes but Dr. Wallace says that some of their labs and classes have to be hands on and in person for some programs like their dental hygiene and automotive programs. 

Those employers still need new employees and the best way to do that is to have them coming on our campus and letting us know what our students could be learning, should be learning. And we love to collaborate and make sure they’re the best employees when they leave our campus. 

They had people move in last Sunday and hosted welcome weekend events where students and parents could learn more about how the school year will go and they could also ask any questions they had.

They also have more sanitizing stations set up and are cleaning and disinfecting more often. Masks are also being required for students, faculty, and staff.

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