Central Community College Hastings Holds Ribbon Cutting for New Hamilton Building

HASTINGS – Central Community College in Hastings held a ribbon cutting ceremony Thursday morning for the new welding technology wing of the Hamilton Building. This marks the completion of a two year, ten million dollar project. The welding technology wing was the second and final phase of the project.

Dr. Jerry Wallace, president of Central Community College Hastings, says that the welding department is already fully in there and this ribbon cutting ceremony is to celebrate the completion of the building. 

The 10.6 million dollar project. Everybody is just really excited to have the opportunity to have new equipment and partner with our business partners. 

He also said this will expand opportunities within the community as well. 

We’ve had a number of local companies ask to partner for the AMDT side, which is our advanced manufacturing, and they’ve done a number of projects. We’re actually working with the Hastings Police Department on creating some stuff for them. We’re excited because enrollment can actually go up by about 25 percent in the welding side. So it’s an opportunity to basically train more students. 

The renovation of the Hamilton Building was a 32,000 square foot renovation, which included a 17,000 square foot expansion of the south side of the facility to house the advanced manufacturing design technology program. There was also a 15,000 square foot renovation of the existing building to house the technology department.

The total cost of the project was $10.6 million, of which $5.6 million came from college reserves and the other $5 million came from fundraising, with the intention of no long-term debt.

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