Central Community College Hastings President Dr Jerry Wallace Says School Year is Going Well

HASTINGS – The President of Central Community College in Hastings, Dr Jerry Wallace, says the school year is going well and they’ve been able to keep coronavirus case numbers down. Dr Wallace says that they are getting good compliance from students, staff and faculty.

It was a bit of a rough transition at first but everyone has gotten the hang of going to school with the rules and regulations. They have also incorporated some fun games and contests to coincide with wearing the masks. 

We had a mask contest, we had the best mask, most creative. We kind of made fun of the current situation. And just try to make a better learning environment. Because we did it with students as well as staff. We’ve had people bring in pictures of their grandchildren, their dogs, paw prints, so it’s been pretty fun. But we definitely have those face coverings. 

He says that it’s very important for them to stay open because a lot of their learning is hands-on and requires students to be in face to face learning.

They are also still offering spots for their Nebraska Workforce Retraining Initiative. The initiative is a scholarship program for people who are unemployed or underemployed due to the coronavirus pandemic. More information can be found at CCCneb.edu.

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