Central District Health Department Reports 211 Cases of the COVID-19

GRAND ISLAND – Central District Health Department reports a total of 211 lab-confirmed COVID-19 cases as of 2 p.m. today, a 3-fold increase from one week ago today when they reported 68 lab-confirmed COVID-19 cases.  Confirmed case totals by county are as follows:  Merrick County now has 3 cases, Hamilton County has 11, and Hall County has 197. The age of those with positive results ranges from 11 to 88 with an average age of 45.

They said that, “We have several rough weeks ahead of us, but working together, we are stronger and healthier.”

You can direct any calls to CDHD at 308-385-5175 or use the DHHS COVID-19 Information line at 402-552-6645.

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