Central District Health Department Says Healthcare System is Close to Being Overwhelmed

GRAND ISLAND – The Central District Health Department, which encompasses Hamilton, Hall, and Merrick Counties, says that the healthcare system in Grand Island is close to being overwhelmed. Hall county has the most number of cases in the state and Theresa Anderson, the executive director of the health department, says cases will continue to rise and will peak in the next week and a half. Anderson says that the healthcare system is being stressed.

Because we keep getting very ill people admitted to the hospital, they’re needing to transfer out people on ventilators. So one of the problems is having enough equipment at the hospital for this surge in cases. Another key problem is that ventilators require special attention by specialized nurses. 

She went on to say the CHI Health St Francis is doing a great job and they are also recruiting other CHI ventilator trained nurses to provide assistance. She also said that the long-term care facilities that have cases of the virus are working with the Department of Health and Human Services directly to alleviate the situation. They have also been provided with personal protective equipment for the staff to use when working with the residents of the facilities.

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