Central District Health Department Says to Be Patient in Waiting for Test Results

GRAND ISLAND – Theresa Anderson, the Director of the Central District Health Department, is saying that people in their district have reported that they haven’t received the test results from Test Nebraska. She even said that she got tested on Monday and hasn’t received her results either. 

There always are glitches with new rollouts. And this was a new rollout for the state in using Test Nebraska. So bare with us as we work through this system. We hope to have it resolved and have test results within the 48 hours from testing. 

She encouraged everyone to take the assessment at TestNebraska.com and she strongly encouraged everyone to wear masks if they are out in public. They are also rolling out a new program that they hope will increase their ability to find people who may be infected, quarantine them, and lessen the spread of the virus in the community. CHI Health St Francis is saying that they are seeing a great decline in coronavirus patients entering the emergency room and ICU. Their numbers are half of what it was at their peak, which was April 18. Mayor Steele said that he still is unsure whether or not the Federal Government will help with testing meat plant employees. He is hopeful the CDC and Department of Agriculture will help out.

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