City Administrator Joe Patterson Announces Retirement

HASTINGS – After 19 years of service as City Administrator, Joe Patterson announced his retirement at Monday’s city council meeting.

Starting in 2000 on an interim basis, Patterson says he has enjoyed his time in city government.

I want to thank all of you and I want to thank all of the elected officials that I have had the fortune to work with. I appreciate that and I appreciate all of the work you have done and the Mayor has done. He’s been great to work with. I think it’s probably good to go out when things are going well, and things are going very well. And they’re going very well because we have made some really good decisions on staff we’ve hired.

Patterson will continue to be City Administrator until May 10.

Also at Monday’s council meeting, the council approved a bid awarding Crouch Recreation, owned by former Heisman winning Husker quarterback Eric Crouch, for the purchase and installation of a playground at Heartwell Park that will replace the old one built over 35 years ago.

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