City Attorney Says Half Cent Sales Tax Money Cannot Be Used for The Old Overpass

Hastings Old Overpass
Old Osborne Drive East Overpass

HASTINGS – At Monday’s city council meeting, the city council approved renovations to the Brickyard Park Amphitheater.

There have been some people who have questioned why the city is spending money to repair that, instead of using those funds to repair the old overpass.

City Administrator, Dave Ptak,  made clear that money from the Half Cent Sales Tax cannot be used to fix the old overpass even though 65 percent of the money raised from the Half Cent Sales Tax will be allocated for street repairs and the railroad quiet zone. Ptak says the old overpass does not fall into that category.

There’s been some discussions as a result of the old 281 viaduct, as far as diverting some of our sales tax money that we voted on for the different projects to possibly use to fund any renovation of that particular structure. The vote of the people basically specified that those that are involved with the public works side of things, as well as the parks and recreation, went for specific purposes. And as such, they cannot be diverted to help fund the renovation at the old 281 viaduct. They need to follow the direction that the people voted on.

The remaining portions of the Half Cent Sales tax are meant to go towards trail and park improvements. As well as additional storage and a Naval Ammunition Depot history exhibit for the Hastings Museum.

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