City Council Approves First Plan for Connectivity and Walkability in Hastings

HASTINGS – The Hastings City Council approved their first Connectivity and Walkability plan that was voted on in the half cent sales tax.  

Don Threewitt, the Director of Developmental Services, explained what the plan entails.

Currently imagined Hastings states to enhance the quality of life in Hastings to improve physical health, a comprehensive pedestrian and bicycle network is necessary and a priority for the community. A multimodal connectivity and equitable access for both mobility and recreational uses is a community priority in Hastings which is evidenced by the substantial support of the half cent sales tax in 2017. A percentage of which is dedicated to the expansion and improvement of the Pioneer Spirit Trail. It is anticipated that this walkability and connectivity plan will inform the pedestrian and bicycle portion of the comprehensive plan update as it comes forward.

The plan was approved by a 5-0 vote. Part of the plan is to connect the trail head at 1st and Colorado down to southern Hastings, then it would go west towards Brickyard Park and loop up by the Marian Road crossing of the railroad tracks. Mayor Stutte also expressed his approval of this plan. The council also approved some zoning changes and final plats.

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