City Council Approves Issuing Request for Proposal for Demolition of 16th Street Viaduct

HASTINGS – The Hastings City Council approved issuing a Request for Proposal for the demolition of the 16th Street Viaduct. City Administrator Dave Ptak said this is the first step they need to take to move the issue of demolishing the viaduct.

This request will determine what the cost of the engineering will be and what the railroad will charge during the demolition. Ptak said this is only to obtain a request for an engineering proposal. 

It’s not to develop plans or specifications. It’s not to go out for bid. It’s not to do anything else. It’s simply to find out how much firms would charge us to put an engineering plan together. Including plans and specifications for the demolition of the viaduct. It will be months, based upon the time it would take to put an actual plan and specification together and actually go out to bid before there can be any movement toward demolition of the viaduct. 

Ptak also mentioned that the lawsuit that is pending allows them to request this proposal and the matter won’t go back to court until the City enters a contract to demolish the viaduct. The petition group can also submit their initiative petition for signature verification. The council passed the Request for Proposal with an 8-0 vote.

The council also approved awarding a contract for the FIsher Fountain Renovations.

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