City Council Starting to Take Action on Tearing Down Viaduct

HASTINGS – The Hastings City Council is starting to take action on tearing down the Old Viaduct. At the work session last week, they are moving forward with an agreement with Olsson Associates to get started on the engineering.

They will vote on the agreement at tonight’s City Council meeting. Mayor Corey Stutte says that the first phase of the engineering should be done by June of this year. Once that happens they hope to bid out the demolition and get it completed by June of next year. Mayor Stutte says this is all dependent on the railroad as well.

There’s going to be a lot of discussions with the railroad that’s going to have to happen. What we’re trying to do is move this forward as quickly as possible, we recognize that this is a safety issue. But a lot of this is not going to be up to us. It would have been the same timeline, regardless of what decision city council would have made on that. There was still going to need to be time for engineering to get done. There was still going to need to be time for discussion with the railroad. Happy to have that moving forward to make sure that we are accounting for those safety issues. 

It is also possible the timeline might be moved due to the availability of crews that might be hung up on other repairs throughout the state due to the 2019 floods. Although they won’t know until they put it out for bid.

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