City of Hastings Approves Many Budgetary Items

HASTINGS – At Monday’s City Council meeting the Hastings City Council approved many budgetary items including the city budget, the utilities budget, and property taxes.

The property tax levy will stay the same at .4497 per 100 dollars of assessed valuation.

City Administrator Dave Ptak mentioned that although their levy has not changed, property valuations have. 

We haven’t raised our levy, at all, but due to valuation changes it results in a higher property tax request than occurred in the last fiscal year. And as a result of that the new statute requires us to hold a special public hearing, there was a special notice published that showed what the levy would have resulted in had we used the same valuation as last year, etc. And this simply is, again, to comply with the new requirements under LB103.

LB 103, passed at the most recent Legislative Session in Lincoln, requires all municipalities to hold a public hearing before collecting additional property taxes generated by valuation increases.

Also approved at the council meeting was the rate increase on natural gas. It was the first increase since 2000 and Kevin Johnson, the Hastings Utilities Manager, says that this will result in an estimated $1.90 increase per month on gas. They will not be increasing rates on electricity, sewer, or water.

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