City of Hastings Moving Ahead with Demolition of Old Viaduct

HASTINGS – The City of Hastings is working with their engineers and the Union Pacific Railroad to demolish the Old Viaduct. During these talks, The new costs have come back for removal of that bridge and it looks like they are honed in at about 1.7 million dollars total to take it down.

They will also straighten out the dirt work on either side of the tracks. Mayor Corey Stutte said that this is coming in much cheaper than the other options. 

It’s coming in much cheaper, obviously, than the other options. We’re looking at about more eight to ten million dollars. So we’re happy to have that done. And we have completed and have an understanding and have a contract that should be coming up with Union Pacific on the flagging and engineering and inspection on that. Just to take you back a little bit, the council determined it to be a life and safety issue and they moved forward with planning and engineering for demolition of the structure. 

He also said that they should be getting more information from their engineers in the next month or two and they should have something on the council agenda in the next month.

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