City of Hastings Plans to Remove Radon From City Hall and Temporarily Relocate Employees

HASTINGS – At their council meeting on Monday, the Hastings City Council heard Dave Ptak, the city administrator, talk about the potential plans to remove radon from City Hall and temporarily relocate the city employees to the utilities department.

The air quality in the basement of City Hall is not good due to the radon and it needs to be removed. Currently, the city is working with the utility department to make space for city employees to be temporarily housed there while Great Plains Asbestos Control removes the radon. Ptak said that they will probably rent out two portable school buildings.

At North Denver to use as meeting space, as well as an ERP training room, in terms of that. It won’t do us any good if we can’t meet with the public. And so that’s one of the things that we have to coordinate. We’re trying to find where we can find them and how fast we can get them there. So this is a work in progress. It’s our intention to get out of City Hall as fast as we can, to allow GPAC to do its job as far as in the basement. 

They are still waiting on the final numbers for the radon removal. This will not affect their decision on whether or not to renovate City Hall.

They are still waiting to see official costs for both the City Hall renovation or renovating the Utilities Department to house the City Hall employees permanently.

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