City of Hastings Removes Mask Requirements in City Facilities

HASTINGS – The City of Hastings is suspending mask requirements in its city buildings after new COVID-19 guidance was released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The change is effective immediately and will apply to all city facilities including City Hall, Hastings Public Library, Hastings Museum, the Hastings Utilities Department, the Hastings Police Department, Hastings Fire and Rescue and the Parks and Recreation building.

Members of the public with in-person appointments with city employees may request that the employee be masked during appointments. City employees and members of the public are still encouraged to wear masks if they are unvaccinated, or if they are more comfortable when using a mask regardless of vaccination status.

To accommodate individual preferences, most city services are still available via phone or email. Residents can call 402-461-2309 for City Hall services or 402-463-1371 for Hastings Utilities services. Utility customers can choose to pay their bills online at or use the drive-thru window at 1228 N. Denver Ave. in addition to the option to pay inside the business office.

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