City of Hastings Starts Up Fisher Fountain Early

HASTINGS – The City of Hastings is working to spread a little joy while avoiding the spread of COVID-19.

The Jacob Fisher Rainbow Fountain is up and running early this year in front of the Hastings Utilities main offices at 1228 N Denver Ave. to give Hastings residents a morale boost during these difficult times.

Fisher Fountain was originally meant to be a temporary exhibit at the Adams County Fair in 1932. It was permanently moved to Highland Park the next year.

“Fisher Fountain was seen as a sign of hope during the Great Depression and Dust Bowl,” Mayor Corey Stutte said. “It has lived through wars, recessions and even a dynamite attack in the 1980s.”

With the world facing a health crisis, Fisher Fountain still stands to bring people hope.

“Living through this current pandemic is no different and Fisher Fountain remains a symbol for our community’s future.  My hope is this early start to the season for Fisher Fountain helps people look forward to better times.  Whether it is a summer stroll by the fountain’s colors at night or a parade on the 4th of July, we will come through this pandemic together as a stronger community,” Stutte said.

We hope you take a moment to enjoy the fountain’s beauty while we work to keep our community healthy.

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