City of Kearney Releases Cruise Nite Stats

KEARNEY – The City of Kearney released stats for Kearney Cruise Nite weekend. The Cruise Nite event once again saw thousands of participates, attendees, volunteers, and  residents come together for a safe and enjoyable weekend. While they experienced areas of  congested traffic volume on Saturday night along 2nd Avenue and 25th Street, there were no  major concerns or incidents related to this event.  

“As with any large-scale event, members of the Kearney Police Department focus on  preparation, collaboration, and community engagement toward a safe and secure outcome.  We appreciate the assistance from our allied agencies, community partners and event  organizers toward this goal. I couldn’t be prouder of the Kearney Police Department,  preparation for this event requires months of planning, additional staff, equipment, and  resources. All of our staff once again stepped up to the task.” – Chief Bryan D. Waugh 

There were 241 calls for service between 6:00 pm on Friday, July 16th, through 6:00 am on  Sunday, July 18th. KPD investigated 10 traffic accidents and performed 85 traffic stops during  this time. These numbers only reflect statistics from the Kearney Police Department. Law  enforcement officers from Kearney Police Department, Buffalo County Sheriff’s Office,  Nebraska State Patrol, and U.N.K. Police all collaboratively worked together for Cruise Nite. 

A summary of the weekend activity related to the event includes: 

Traffic Activity: 

  • 69 Written Warnings and 9 Uniform Traffic Citations 

o Improper Turn (6) 

o Negligent Driving (3) 

o Traffic Signal/Stop Sign Violation (9) 

o Speeding (13) 

Criminal Activity: 

  • Narcotics (3) 
  • Assault (5) 
  • Disturbances (6) 
  • Larceny (4) 
  • Liquor Law Violations (3)

This enforcement effort was made possible thanks to a grant from the Nebraska Department  of Roads – Office of Highway Safety.

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