Community Impact Network Looking for Feedback on Results from Community Forums

HASTINGS – The Community Impact Network, a new non profit organization in Adams County, is looking for feedback on the results of the community forums they hosted in February. The forums were an opportunity for community members from Adams, Clay, Nuckolls and Webster Counties to work together to develop a vision and potential solutions to issues facing the community and to ensure everyone in the region can thrive.

The goal was to give people a chance to meet and build relationships and increase their shared understanding of what is needed in the community. Brady Rhodes, of the Community Impact Network, says that now they are looking for feedback on results. 

So our four key focus areas: resource and resource access, representation and equity, supporting vulnerable populations, and then really creating an urgency for community resilience. Those are the main things that came out of that. As well as some specific things around things like transportation, housing, healthcare, but those higher level ones were the ones that were identified as ‘hey we really got to pay attention to this.

Rhodes said that they would love to get other perspectives from people who weren’t able to join. Whether you want to add to the list of important issues and topics surrounding the community or to offer feedback on the current results.

Anyone can get more information or offer their feedback at They are now in the stage where they are going to get into some action to respond to these results and feedback.

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