Congressman Adrian Smith Says That Smaller Tax Returns Means You Kept More of Your Money

Congressman Adrian Smith

HASTINGS – With it being tax season a lot of people were a little surprised about the smaller tax returns they were receiving this year.

Congressman Adrian Smith says that this isn’t a bad sign, in fact it means that taxpayers got to keep more of their money throughout the year as a result of the Trump Administration’s tax cuts.

He says that 90 percent of the American taxpayers received a tax break but he wishes that tax policies are addressed more often.

On an annual basis, let’s look at what needs to be changed to stick with the notion that we want pro-growth tax policy. Because that’s what will result in better budget numbers as a growing economy. With more Americans with the ability to pay taxes as they would re-enter the workforce and hopefully see a more prosperous future.

Smith also noted that they were able to maintain the full deductibility of Ag land property tax. The original proposal had removed that deductibility and Smith and other representatives fought to keep it in.

He said had it stayed off the tax plan, it would have been devastating to Nebraskans.

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