Congressman Adrian Smith Says the Impeachment Hearings is Highly Partisan and Problematic

Congressman Adrian Smith

WASHINGTON D.C. – Impeachment proceedings for President Trump continue today and Congressman Adrian Smith says the proceedings are highly partisan and problematic.

He referenced the fact that it took so long for Speaker Pelosi to set up a vote on the rules of the hearing and that the rules set a new precedence for how these are done.

He says these hearings are proving to be divisive and he’s disappointed in how the proceedings have been handled. 

And I think that some of the questions today, and the responses are fairly telling. One of the aspects is that no one on the panel, today, actually has first hand knowledge. It’s all based on hearsay. I’m sure there will be more folks called in but I hope that it does not continue on this path of hyper partisanship.

Smith mentioned that the Democrats have been calling for impeachment even before the phone call to Ukraine and that they are trying to characterize this in a way that’s overblown.

He said Ukraine is one of the most corrupt countries in the world and it should concern everyone. And the dismissal of that corruption is alarming.

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