Congressman Adrian Smith Says USMCA Needs to be Prioritized in Washington

Congressman Adrian Smith

Washington D.C. – Congressman Adrian Smith says that United States, Mexico, and Canada trade agreement needs to be passed as soon as possible.

Smith believes that the votes are there to pass it and its essential for our trade agreements to be updated. He says it could and should be done before the end of the year.

I think we’re making progress on the China issues that we have. I’m not a fan of tariffs. And we’re also in this situation and we need to see it through. I think if we get USMCA done, that gives us a stronger position in sending the message to China that other countries know full well that China is a bad actor in terms of trade policies and that they expect changes to happen.

The congressman also said that we’ve made great progress with Japan, especially in agriculture.

Smith said that republican support for USMCA is strong and many democrats support it as well and it shouldn’t be taking this long for it to pass.

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