COVID-19 Patient at Mary Lanning Healthcare Undergoing Experimental Plasma Procedure

HASTINGS — A critical COVID-19 patient at Mary Lanning Healthcare is scheduled to receive a trial plasma treatment today. 

Dr. Adam Horn, MLH Laboratory Medical Director, announced today that MLH is administering plasma from someone who had recovered from COVID-19 as a treatment to one of its critically ill patients. MLH is among the first in the state and the first in the region to administer the convalescent plasma treatment, which is still in the trial stage. 

Dr. Horn said he, along with Dr. Daniel Brailita, Dr. Matthew Stritt and Dr. Abel Luksan, were working together to provide the treatment, which is new and being done mainly in larger medical centers. 

“There is limited data to show that there may be a benefit,” Dr. Horn said. “This is one more potential avenue for therapy.” 

Through some research, Dr. Horn was able to gain access to the treatment through a trial study at Mayo Clinic. He then was able to access the plasma product through the American Red Cross. 

Dr. Horn stressed that the convalescent plasma supplies are still a limited resource so not all patients will be able to access the study. He urged anyone who has recovered from COVID-19 to check the American Red Cross website to see if they are a candidate for donating plasma. 

“This is only for patients who are critically ill and meet all the criteria as judged by the healthcare pro- vider,” Dr. Horn said. “Right now, we are among the first to provide this. Hopefully as the supply grows, we will be able to continue to offer it.” 

At present, MLH has 11 COVID-19 patients with four on ventilators.

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