COVID-Related Hospitalizations on Rise at Mary Lanning Healthcare

HASTINGS –Mary Lanning Healthcare saw a rapid increase in patients hospitalized due to the  COVID-19 this week. Seven COVID-19 beds were occupied as of Friday morning. 

Dr. Adam Horn, MLH Chief Medical Officer, reported the rise in cases following a time period with  none or only a few hospitalized cases. MLH has five open beds in its Intensive Care Unit, where COVID  patients are often housed. Only one ventilator is currently in use. 

“From what we heard earlier this week, Nebraska and the Hastings area could become hot spots for  the Delta variant within three to four weeks if more people do not get vaccinated,” Dr. Horn said.  

Dr. Horn encouraged anyone not yet vaccinated to do so as soon as possible. That way, within three  or four weeks, they will be ready for their second doses and less likely to become ill. 

“The vaccine is a good tool that we can use in the fight against the virus, and it is effective against  the variant. It can keep patients from getting the virus at all, or keep them from getting gravely ill and being put in the hospital.” 

Dr. Horn said the good news is that the hospital has ample supplies and is more prepared should the  area become a hot spot again.  

“There are many more tools in our arsenal this time around,” Dr. Horn said. “Vaccines are one of the  most effective.”

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